The Philosophy Of Universal Consciousness embraces a number of key things:

Firstly, the energy held by the Facilitator contains the knowing that the client before them holds their own wisdom, simply waiting to be remembered. The Facilitator will offer words like:

     “The greater consciousness of you, is  not bound by this body or human
form…your natural state of being is free…as you return to most authentic
​     and eternal self, resonating in remembered wisdom”.

Secondly, we don’t see trauma, difficulty or injury. We simply see a “request for resonance”, where the being before us seeks to transcend that which is occurring, to return to resonance. Our role is simply to help the client achieve this. We simply know that nothing is wrong and that from everything that unfolds in our lives we learn more.

Thirdly, we see every healing journey or accumulation of wisdom as a chance to share this resonance with others, the earth herself or the greater universe. This is simply our contribution, offered in the energy of gratitude to all there is.

There are several methods that can be used to come back into Resonance.

Emotional Echo – observing and transcending the disharmony from living our life’s purpose.

Body Echo – observing and  transcending the imbalances in our physical bodies, as our bodies have been carefully selected and deserves unconditional love.

Family Vibration – observing the transmission of inter-generational trauma in terms of our present consciousness. How we unconsciously continue to repeat old family patterns that continue to be transmitted through generations. We can finally understand them and find resonance for ourselves, our immediate family and our souls lineage.

Womb consciousness – a window to our greater selves and understanding our life’s purpose, why we have chosen our particular astrological sign, name and all that those vibrations carry.

Soul lineage – understanding the collective power of our soul’s life purpose

Other lives – calling forward lifetimes of true significance and wisdom so as to live this current life in balance.

Transcending addiction – we discover what is the missing connection that is perceived to be lost in our personal universe which in turn allows the release of addiction consciousness within ourselves.

The Realms of Sound, Light and Vibration – we venture further out into the universe itself, visiting new realms beyond those we know and receiving their gifts and understanding.

The Explorer Realms – places where we have never been before to help us live this life in complete resonance and assist humanity and Gaia as a whole.

Within you everything you will ever need is lovingly held……….. simply awaiting to be remembered……..

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