More than just another form of acupuncture, esoteric acupuncture is an advanced energy healing technique that introduces the concept of viewing various levels of wellness rather than working on various levels of disease.

It addresses the physical body and the energy fields above it, which helps people to achieve higher consciousness and to maintain health.

Both traditional and esoteric acupuncture can balance a person’s physical and etheric bodies, however, the traditional way is ‘left brain’ due to the academic style in which it is taught and its focus on diseased states.

Esoteric acupuncture is ‘right brain’ due to its personalised needle insertion style, practitioner and client’s simultaneous visualise the pattern and the practitioner’s use of intuition in deciding on a treatment plan.

Esoteric acupuncture aligns the head and the heart and there in its gift to the world.

Is esoteric acupuncture for me?

If you are:

  • wondering where to turn for help with physical ailments and looking for something more than what mainstream treatments can offer or
  • aware of the mind-body-soul connection, and looking to develop this as a means to promote healing and wellness or
  • attuned to your higher self already and keen to explore the energy shifts occurring on Earth at this time or
  • simply curious

then esoteric acupuncture is for you.

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How does esoteric acupuncture work?

First, Dr Billie will ascertain your present state energetically and then choose the appropriate patterns suited for your specific energetic healing. While traditional acupuncture follows an exact definition for acupoint location and assumes each point is the same on all people, esoteric acupuncture considers that acupoints aren’t necessarily in the same position for each individual.

Next, Dr Billie inserts the needles in a specific order and according to particular geometric shapes which align your personal energy field with the universal life force. This draws certain energies into you and thus supporting a shift in your awareness. These energies are called spin fields.

Once the needles are in place, Dr Billie will help and guide you to visualise the pattern which has just been created. This visualisation process activates the pattern and brings on healing. If you find it difficult to visualise, Dr Billie will simply activate the pattern for you.

A still mind will enable you to notice what has occurred but even if you have trouble reaching this state initially, a shift will still be felt.

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