Cupping is another type of treatment for stimulating the acupressure points. It’s a pain-free technique that is primarily for treating bronchial congestion, arthritis and pain. It can also be used to ease depression, reduce swelling, soothe coughs and colds and relieve tension, thereby making it beneficial for sports injuries, back and shoulder pain, and menstrual problems.

Cupping also eases congested qi (or chi), the life energy that keeps us all humming along.



Special glass cups that have had the air inside them heated are applied to pain-affected areas or specific acupuncture points.

This creates suction on the skin, which helps to drain excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions and lifts connective tissue, and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. This can cause the skin to redden but is a temporary effect and will pass.

The cups need to be applied directly to the skin and you may feel a suction-pressure, but no pain. Nor do you feel any of the heated glass.

After a couple of minutes, the sensations pass and you are able to relax, mediate or enjoy a guided meditation during the treatment. Afterwards there may be redness where the cup was, which will pass.

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