Appointments are available at the following times:

Tuesday to Thursday:    9am – 7pm

Friday:                           9am – 4pm   

Saturday:                 by appointment only


How to book

To book your session, call or SMS Dr Billie on 0417 056 408 or email

Before your first session, download and complete the client intake form here


Session rates (effective 1 July 2016)

Initial consultation (90 minutes) — $130

This is an opportunity for you to discuss your current emotional and physical concerns, medical history and any other factors influencing the nature of your visit. This includes an assessment of your pulse and tongue to determine the best course of treatment, both for this session and any subsequent treatment.

Standard consultation (60 minutes) — $95

A continuation of your treatment plan, these sessions work towards your overall wellbeing and embracing full health.

Express consultation (30 minutes) — $75  

When you are in need of a quick fix, such as for hayfever or migraines, these sessions will have you on track to where you want to be.

Esoteric acupuncture (90 minutes) — $130

For those seeking a deeper spiritual connection, a 90 minute session will provide you with energy re-balancing, enhanced connection to your higher self and spiritual guidance on what’s troubling you.

Cosmetic acupuncture
  • Initial consultation and treatment (90 minutes) — $170
  • Return consultation and treatment (45 minutes) — $130
  • Initial consultation only (skin assessment) — $90
Cosmetic acupuncture packages
  • 6 treatments for $678 (normally $780), saving you $102. This package is valid 6 months from the first appointment.
  • 10 treatments for $1050 (normally $1300), saving you $250. This package is valid 8 months from the first appointment.

Packages can only be purchased as an upfront commitment, must be paid in full, and are non-refundable and non-transferable. All cosmetic acupuncture sessions and packages can be claimed on your private health insurance if you have the relevant level of cover.

Universal Consciousness (1 to 2 hours) — $250

We are limitless…. Remember who you really are, by taking this journey:

  • Are you on your right spiritual path?
  • Do you want to know your life’s purpose, feeling lost and apathetic, wanting to understand why you are currently in a rut?
  • Stuck in a job or relationship that no longer serves your highest good or makes you happy?
  • Why you family life isn’t as fulfilling as you would like it be, wanting to transcend anything that may be holding you back from the life you’ve always wanted to live?
  • Do you want to transcend addictions, anxiety, depression, searching for the answers to your own puzzle piece in life?

Then Universal Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the Remembering! Exploring the deeper realms of who you really are, Universal Consciousness expands beautifully into your higher consciousness (transcendence), and the loving messages/wisdom are offered from there, stepping into resonance.

We are vibrational beings living in a Quantum Energetic Universe. Universal Consciousness seeks to transcend the trauma of the human condition, as a way to assist humankind to rise above the current energies we are experiencing.
We allow the experience to unfold, as the universe is limitless.

It is your universe we are expanding, through:

  • ​Sacred silence and holding space, that
  • holds all they require
  • Trusting in the greater wisdom that comes through the client
  • Seamless flowing, through guidance, healing, exploring, following…

Remembering always, we are evolving universal consciousness

Quantum Consciousness (2 to 3 hours) — $350

When you feel like something is holding you back from your life’s purpose and you are searching for answers, maybe you are unsure of what direction to go in or the choices you have made, then the Quantum Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the human portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness of Your Own Personal Universe. We commence the journey in the present consciousness, before moving out through the other realms, expanding your personal universe until you are the fabric of the cosmos itself.

Payment and health insurance rebates

All treatments can be claimed on your private health insurance if you have extras cover. Please bring your card so we can put it through on our HICAPS – all you need to pay is the gap.

Thank you for your business.

embrace health